Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blowing my own Horn!

Danita over at Burien Undressed wrote a real nice post about this blog. I thought it would be nice to reciprocate. And I like tooting my own horn from time to time!

Burien Undressed is The place to go to find out about local Burien businesses, local restaraunts, and community information. It promotes highly the neighbor to neighbor attitude of the City of Burien, and exemplifies community strengths.

It is a great addition to the local blog-o-sphere. I encourage folks who live in Burien, are thinking of visiting Burien or who have nothing better to do than read about a city they will probably never visit to sneak on over there and take a peak! What about B-town Blog? well they are a great local blog as well, but they have never written a post about my blog, and I am cheesy like that!

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