Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yard Munching

Huckleberry Bush

I was at the Burien Farmers Market today,and No I did not have a bratwurst.I found a man there who sells native plants. I wanted to get some blueberry bushes or something interesting. So I bought 2 native huckleberry bushes for my front yard! I love planting edibles in my yard. This should match well with the wild blackberries and my Golden Plum tree.
I remember my parents lake property at Fawn Lake in Shelton and the hundreds of black and red huckleberry bushes there. We had a neighbor that would pick them and make huckleberry pie. I cant wait until they get big enough to supply me with huckleberries. I love supplying my yard with edibles- I now have
2 apple trees(One is the neighbors but I claim any branches growing over the fence!)
1 pear tree
1 Golden Plum tree
2 huckleberry bushes
more than enough blackberry bushes (hate them blackberries)
Before you all write me nasty notes on how good and tasty blackberries are, I will remind you that here in the Pacific Northwest, blackberries are a noxious weed. They grow ferociously, with their nasty thorns. I let a few grow for the berries, but I keep them under a tight watch. I can go down to work to pick black berries. The grow everywhere. Now I just got to plant my tomaters in their boxes and figure out where the pumpkin plants go?


maryann said...

Totally agree with you on the blackberries, I've been pulling the buggers out of my side yard for years. They spread like wildfire here in the east and the thorns just suck.

Robj98168 said...

Blackberries- ohh ohh how I hate em