Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Piss on it- Chicky's new challenge, And 5minute Shower Challenge from Domestic Crunchy Goddess!

Golden Showers Garden Party - 6/21/08
Chicky's gone off the deep end this time, asking that we pee on the tomaters on June 21. I guess that gives new meaning to I took a pea in the garden.
While it sounds crazy-kinky-sexy, there is method to the madness. I guess human urine is full of nitrogen, so it makes a natural fertilizer according to Sharon's Casaubon's Book:

"The thing is, one of the scariest elements of the forthcoming energy peak is that we are terrifically dependent on anhydrous ammonia and other artificial nitrogen sources, mostly derived from natural gas, to feed ourselves. If we are to keep eating, we need to find another source of nitrogen. Conveniently, the artificial nitrogens that have been supporting the human populace (in our food) gets recycled through our bodies and comes back out in highly usable form. You just have to dilute it 1-10 to keep it from burning your plants."

Also joined Crunchy Domestic Goddess's 5 minute shower challenge, which is pretty easy 'cause I already take a 5 minute shower. Or as I call it a Sergeant Ermy Scrub Down.


Verde said...

June 21 pee on your tomatoe challenge? I guess I could do that. My compost got too wet and I had to let it dry out so the tomatoes are the next victims.

Yea, 10:1

Robj98168 said...

LOL I know it sonds awful but there is a method to the madness. Just remember to dilute the urine 1-10 with water so as not to burn any of your plants