Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well the day I live for every year is finally here- 1st day of vacation!!! I got my laptop, And I am ready to have a few days off. Not planning on going too much- the only trip planned is my cousins daughter's wedding in Oregon. Probably make some jerky, mow the yard, cut some blackberry canes,clean the garage- Jesus I thought it was a vacation?!?

No Griswold trips here. No ocean liners, no plane trips. No Shit!

Yup. Just me and a lot of time to do work around this old barn.

Now you know why they call me Mr. Excitement.

A little vacation music for you- I had a huge crush on the Go-Go's especially Belinda Carlisle


Jennifer said...

Hi Rob, I like your blog and your comments on Crunchy's website. Your vacation sounds heavanly, I love to just "putter", and I love to clean my garage (weird). Also, I had to write to you, b/c I have memories of my Grandma using that deodorant that you stick your fingers in :-}. Go-Go's always rule, great post! Jen from Socal

Michael said...

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