Monday, June 16, 2008

Detroit Dreams and NEV's

Phoenix Electric SUT

The Chickster a la crunchy had an interesting post today- and it got me to thinking about my obsession with electric cars. I have been waiting and waiting. Now they tell me wait until 2010. I have a prediction- that the first motor car company that has enough brains to buy out one of the up and coming electric car companies and mass produce a decent range electric car that can do 55+ will be the one company that succeeds in the 2010 decade. GM Had their chance with the EV1 . But I think their sincerity has gone with the wind with their new entry the Volt. But what I feel more than anything is American drivers are going to have to change their mindsets on vehicles. I own 6 vehicles, from my 1967 Vespa to my 1979 MG-B, all get pretty good gas mileage. I belong to a classic car club, Stratocruisers South, and have even served as their president for a couple of years. The folks in the car club, while being the nicest group of people you could ever meet, are extremely short sighted when it comes to alternative fuels/engines. I desperately want to convert my MG to an electric vehicle, the sooner the better. I know the problems- shorter range, people laughing at it. But there are advantages- no noise, no mechanical problems, no oil changes. If Neil Young can convert his 1959 Lincoln into a Hybrid there is no reason why the rest of car enthusiasts couldn't do the same. But folks in the car clubs just sit and think "I am never going to convert." Well, someday bubba you will probably have to. I just think it would be neat to drive around in my baby and just plug in when I am done.
But back to everyday America- driving an electric or "NEV"(neighborhood electric vehicle) would solve most Americans transport needs- A trip to the store, a quick commute to work, Most of Americas driving is within 2 miles of their homes. I know a NEV would be ideal for me to commute to work in. And for a while one of the electric car makers had a solar panel that you could use to charge your car with that was mounted to the roof of the vehicle. So in effect a cost free way to get around. In fact there have been many very interesting inventive ideas brewing around Detroit and other areas. The one that bothers me the most is HYDROGEN. As in BOMB. I keep hearing all this talk about hydrogen fuel cells, and then of course we will need hydrogen fuel cell stations. Something to give Chevron and the rest a job. But what the hell? we need an alternative fuel car- C'mon Detroit. We are rooting for ya!
THE Reva -Bangalore, India
The Kurrent- Designed in Italy and is built in Michigan, USA
The IT car- Delta, BC, Canada
The ZENN car - North america models built in St- Jérôme Canada
Eride- NEV's that look like Hummers~ Princetion MN
Think Car- Snarøya, Norway, THINK North America- Menlo Park, CA
Might-E Truck - work trucks Errington, BC
OKA CAR- Las Vegas NV
ZAP- Santa Rosa, CA
PHOENIXS SUT AND SUV- Ontario California

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