Monday, June 2, 2008


I am seriuosly awaiting the launch of a TV network- Discovery's Planet Green. The all green network.

That's the cool thing about green living being instyle - a person gets to see the fruit of ideas. I know they will be repeating Living with Ed episodes and there will be a new show treehugger, based on the website. And judging by the website for Planet Green some interesting sounding shows. Their launch is set for tomorrow, June 4th.

Of course there are dangers in promoting an "all green channel". First your gotta watchdog their sponsors- are the sponsors really sincere, or are they promoting "buy yourself green" or are they just full of shit?

So far the premise looks good, hopefully the shows will be good also! Of course if the Begleys have signed up that gives me a bit more faith!

I would hope that Josh Foss would get an oppurtunity to host a design show using green design.
Shouldn't be a problem, seeing how he was on design star on a discovery network sister network.

I wish they would let me decide what shows to air. Click here to see where planet green will air.

I was thinking about planet green and thought they need a soap opera! Of course it would have to be a phosphate free, biodegradable soap, but just the thing to break up the monotonous afternoons. Then I thought what if they cast from the green blog world?

They could call it The Blogs of Our Lives and it takes place in Greenblog Valley USA and stars Crunchy Chicken, Green blog Valleys most notorious Rust remover who has secretly been removing the rust on the washing board of Greenpa, mild mannered solar technician, who has been catching the rays of Chile, devout green home economist who has been secretly has been canning DC’s pickles. Not to be outdone, the villainess Green Bean and her evil plan to install satellite cameras disguised asTube Lights in the bathrooms of Arduous, Green Blog Valley’s own femme fatale and part time Watkins saleswoman, and the very much used restroom ofBurbanmom, Greenblog Valleys answer to mother Theresa and purveyor of Hello Kiddle-ee Gupgakes. And that is how the stomach churns on The Blogs of our Lives.

If you were the TV exec at planet green, what would you air???


Crunchy Chicken said...

Hooo doggy. I have a rant which I'll be posting soon about this. My crackers are being ground again, but more on that later...

Robj98168 said...

Ground crackers.MMMMM mEatloaf. Yum.

CindyW said...

I will bet there is a lot of "green" product selling! How can they get any money from not consuming or buying used? But I can be wrong. I don't have cable, so I will watch for your assessment.

Verde said...

I'll be tuning in here to see what's up in Greensville. We get three (R) network channels and (D)PBS.

Chile said...

Oh goodie. More green shit to not buy!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Ok, here's my rant.