Friday, June 6, 2008

Tribute to a legend!!!

Chickiness Crunchiness

A TOAST!(this is where you throw a slice of toast at your computer monitor) Here's to the one and only Crunchy CHicken or as I like to call her Chicky!

Although I have only "known" you a short while I appreciate you showing me the error of my consumeristical ways with the "buy nothing challenge".

I appreciate your wit, your sense of humor and your ability to sniff out the bullshit.

So here's to your insane challenges, your diva cups, and your boob bags/balls and your butter shaker, babe! SALUT!
Visit the Tribute to Crunchy blog and donate to "Goods for Girls" You will feel better. Really!


Green Bean said...

Oh yeah! The ability to sniff out bullshit. I love that about Crunchy too!

arduous said...

Hee hee. Chickiness Crunchiness. We need to find more of her species!