Friday, June 20, 2008


Chelan and Ean

I am so glad Friday is finally here even though I am supposed to work this weekend-
My vacation is coming! I will be off next thursday until Tuesday July 8th! I am attending a car show in Wenatchee on the 27/28th and I am going to Mt.Hood, Oregon to a wedding over the 4th. My cousin's daughter. They are having a green wedding. Supposedly. I appreciate they didn't want gifts as much as gift cards as they live in Scotland for the next couple of years. So economically they can't keep shipping crap people give them to Europe and back to the states. This will allow them to buy what they need, over there and back here. And buying an Amazon gift card is way cool because then a person doesn't need to waste gas going to a store. And I can print them off. The only thing I don't get is why they are getting married at Hood River? The bride is from Olympia, I think the groom is Californian. Oh well. I am carpooling to Hood River with my Aunt, Uncle and Mom. So the carbon footprint shouldn't be that bad. And if I were that concerned instead of a present I would simply buy them a carbon offset for weddings at Terrapass . So I will just relax about it, and go for the trip. Mt. Hood is beautiful this time of year. So I will pack up the lap top and have a grand time! HOTEL

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Good looking couple :)