Friday, April 18, 2008

Waiting Until 2010 to buy a new car!

2010 looks to be an important year for cars- EV cars. Eco geek suggests waiting until 2010 to buy a new car as there will be choices then. Including one from Chevy/GM, the company rightfully vilified in the movie Who Killed The Electric Car? My dream is coming true!!! LOL Now all I have to do is get 2 more years out of the SWIFT. Another point of disappointment in cars is Suzuki. They were building the cars with the best gas mileage on the road,The Suzuki Swift /Geo Metro, then one model year after Chevy ended the metro, they went to their gas guzzling SUV's and mid sizes. There seems to be little corporate responsibility in creating efficient cars in either Japan or the US. You can't get Dubya to sign a bill saying the minimum gas mileage is such and such, then the dumb bastard from Crawford says out of the other side of his mouth we gotta do something as the global warming worsens. We have been trying, you stupid hick bastard- Now get together with congress and DO something. Dubya -You are going down in history as the most disliked man in the office. How this man got re-elected as well as elected I will never figure out.


equa yona(Big Bear) said...

He was neither elected(legally) nor re-elected(remember Florida and Ohio?). We were bent over the barrel and royally reamed. Want to do something about it? HA

Ju said...

Got to bring a piece of paper to the dealership and don't be afraid to do the math there and have them wait!

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