Thursday, April 24, 2008


I cannot take full credit for this Ikea Hack. I got the idea from Family They say to use a small white clear wastebasket, and I thought of the Fniss Clear wastepaper basket I have a few in the garage.I was going to use them as planters. A fun project, it only took a couple of hours. The nice thing about the fniss is you don't need to use the marbles per the directions. They are already designed to be stacked.
Makes a nice umbrella stand, then in the summer use it around the pool for toys. Or use it in the bathroom for tub toys.Or put ice and your favorite canned beverage in it and use to serve at your next BBQ!
It is super easy to make - Take two Fniss wastepaper baskets, take one 12"X18" sheet of crafting foam, orange, put one of the wastepaper basket on the crafting foam or I imagine you could use felt, trace around the bottom of the basket to make a circle and draw two webbed feet. Cut out the feet and the circle put double sided tape on the circle the instructions call for making three holes and attaching with brass paper fasteners and using duct tape to seal the holes with. Put the other waste basket inside the first one. And there you have your Ducky Umbrella Stand! - I used the double backed foam tape in four spots around the foam circle- attach to the wastepaper basket. The advantage to the double backed foam tape is since you didn't poke a hole in the first basket you wouldn't need two baskets!


BusyDad said...

This looks like fun. I can imagine my kid making two human arms instead of duck feet so it looks like you squished a mini person. No, I'd bet money he'd do that.

Robj98168 said...

LOL I can imagine Fury putting an action figure under it. FUry Rocks!