Sunday, April 13, 2008

Challenges Update

Crunchy Womman's No Buy Anything Challenge- I confessed I bought the Paint Stick and that The Chicky Lady has already threatened to beat me with it. I needed something to ease the pain of the job! Hey-could be worse I was looking at expensive paint sprayers too! And this works great! I also confessed to buying $27 of lumber to finish the closet door in the office. Other than that I am sin free! I have to admit that the Burien Starbucks and Lowes and home depot must all be wondering WTF? He hasn't been here all month, except Lowe's. And this sure is helping my wallet! I have bought no lattes, no taco bell or no MacDonald's all month! I have been bringing my lunches in. At work we have the proverbial microwave. And I have a coffee maker and a thermal carafe. And a toaster oven. And a George Foreman grill. so I get hot meals!

Chile Womman's Cut The Crap Challenge-Have made no progress on the garage BUT I have been organizing the office/guest room and today before work I made a lot of progress on the front yard- yes I consider the front yard as part of my clutter. The back yard too!

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Chile said...

Yard clutter. Hm, maybe that's what I can write about tomorrow...