Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was sitting around thinking "what could I do now?". Well I decided to make a magazine holder- I took a "dare " cracker box (The Celebration one) and made the standard magazine holder from All Free Crafts at the magazine holder generally cereal boxes or wine boxes (the fancy
wine in a box). Well the cracker box was the right size so I made use of it and following the same instructions cut it into a magazine holder, which I then took some old car mags and cut the pictures out of and decoupaged onto the box finishing it with two coats of polyurethane to add protection. Then a little later I decided to take a globe and split it in half! I rule the world! I then added fringe to the equator and automatically have an neat Lampshade, which I put on a lamp that has sat around the house for ages, that I spray painted blue for a new look.

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