Friday, April 25, 2008


I always chuckle to myself when I see another blogger wonder what to do about personal hygene products like shaving and hair washing. Not having the hair washing gene, I generally just shave it off. Not like Stewie here, but my head. Easy answer for me. But not for others. Now my beard is another story. How do I shave my beard and still subscribe to green practices? I know Beth at Fake Plastic Fish uses a safety razor she bought at a thrift shop, but safety razors are not the norm since disposables came out. So I went on a search of better shaving methods- I bought a bar of General Ichabod Conk solid shave soap, a shaving foam bowl which I already had and a boar's bristle shaving brush which I also already had, and I know you can get them online. But no safety razor! Online sure, but like the chicken lady knows I have a 'I want it now' attitude. I have enough disposable blades to keep me in check until the end of Chicky's challenge, But I will continue to look for a safety razor. So anyway I get home and lather up with the boar bristle brush and the shaving soap. I was not disappointed in the amount of lather. And the shave went pretty smooth. I generally use shaving creme from Trader Joe's but get disappointed in the lather and the plastic tube it comes in. This solid shaving soap stuff is great and I found online I can buy in bulk and it comes in a cardboard tube with no individual wrapped bars. I have also seen it in the co-op with good wrapping! I can't say how it does for underarms, legs or other body parts but for my he-man solid beard it works fantastic. And no bad waste! I highly recommend!


Allie said...

I've been thinking of making the switch to a safety razor. I use a Preserve razor now.

Robj98168 said...

I looked up the preserve razor on the internet (google preserve razor) Neat! may be the answer I am looking for!