Thursday, November 5, 2009

Those poor animals...

Somebody help that poor kitty! Well I have to announce that i just received in the mail my new Ukulele. So I am pickin' and grinnin'! And acutally Sammy and Romeo are taking it pretty well- for some reason Sammy always likes it when I sing- good bad or indifferent. And Romi, while confused by the Uke, puts up a brave front. And if I post a Video of me singing "homegrown Tomatoes" you have Jenna of Cold Antler Farm to thank/blame. She is the one who wrote in her book "Made from Scratch" about the beauty and self sustenance of homemade music, and it got me all pumped up to start the uke again.

Of Course, I need lots of practice, but until then, I will leave with some friends of mine singing Ukulele Lady:

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