Friday, November 13, 2009

High Five!

High Five Flipside

Pie is the perfect edible and one that I love. My favorite dessert. But Pie for lunch - absurd!
Well call me a convert- Burien Press, my favorite espresso/ coffee shop features little pie turnovers called flip sides from a local company called High Five pie company. They are tasty little treats, made from scratch. And not just for dessert! They have a Savory pie, with little potatoes, carrots, peas herbs. And my new favorite lunch pie- Mac and Cheese. Along with seasonal offerings like sweet potato, pumpkin and of course the best Carmel Pecan I have ever tasted. They also have something called "Pie Jars" a new take on Cake in a Jar- Something I might experiment with for Christmas.

UPDATE: Here are instructions from scoochmaroo@ Instructables for making your Pie in a Jar

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