Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good bye Garden plot- A mini rant

Well a semi-sweet day around here- I went and took the remaining plants out of my plot in the
community garden. For the record, The community garden was just a demo garden, one that I am proud of. We got a late start (Late June-early July) And with 6 of 8 of the plots growing food, we managed to donate over 51 pounds of food to the food bank. My hope is that the City of Burien takes note and starts a community P-Patch. Of course, (RANT ALERT)cities being cities it seems to take an act of god to do anything worth while, they need studies, cost analysis, etc etc. HARUMPH. They have the park land, thanks to the King County Executive, cost would be minimal, savings to the city would be substantial. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY SIT ON THEIR HANDS ON THIS ISSUE. People want and need to grow their own food.
and the cost issue, well I ranted before on this issue. Suffice it to say, I am not backing off until I see a nice community garden in Burien. Maybe I need to contact the new city council people. You know- introduce myself, in my boyish Tony Soprano way. Maybe leave a head of cabbage in their bed. Anyway onto the rave part of this post. There are a lot of folks to thank for our "community garden: The good folks at sustainable Burien, my fellow like minded members who did the labor and are pushing for a permanent garden, Dane and Kathy, the curators of the BIAS, who let us have space for it, and see the garden as an art form. No one to thank from the city, cause I don't have a permanent garden yet!

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