Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Viva Terre Shelf Knock Off!

above: My version of the wire shelf $26.99; Below- the Viva Terre Wire Shelf $169

I love this shelf from Viva Terre. But it has a cost of $169.00!!! OMG! There is no way I can justify that kind of money. So whats a fabously stylish guy to do? Hack his own! I went to Ikea and found these Omar baskets for the omar shelving system at $10 a piece, and the Fabian shelf for $6.99 I mounted the Omar baskets onto the fabian shelf, using some 1" wood screws and fender washers. The result is a shelf that not only resembles the Wire shelf from Viva Terre, it does it for less than a quarter of the price at $26.99. Triumph! I also added the hooks below the shelf, something found around the house to finish the knock off

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1 comment:

Chile said...

I agree. $169 is outrageous! And your hack looks perfectly fine and very useful.

I need to figure out a few hacks around here.