Monday, January 3, 2011

Rent a tool

I was just reading on yahoo green, about tool libraries. A tool library is a place were people join to borrow tools. Tools you wouldn't necessarily buy, because of cost, size or storage issues. There is one in this area, The West Seattle Tool Library. They have a membership cost of $40 suggested donation annually ($20 for students/seniors) You get to borrow the tool for a week, then return or request more time. This isn't just a Seattle thing either- there are tool libraries in Portland, Oakland, Berkley, CA and many other cities across the nation.
Of course there is Home Depot rental tools and other businesses that rent tools, but they get kinda pricey. So unless you know how to use the tool efficiently enough to not need for a week, these tool libraries may be the way to go.
A tool lending library was started in Columbus, OH in 1976. Originally run by the City, the Tool Library is now operated by Rebuilding Together Central Ohio, a non-profit organization that works to preserve and revitalize homes and communities in Central Ohio. The RTCO Tool Library makes available over 4,500 tools free of charge to both individuals and non-profit organizations.

Here is a list from Wikipedia on tool libraries.

The advantage is little or no cost to you. The green side is it is better to rent or borrow tools than buy. I mean why buy a tool you may only use once?

Very green idea this. And 1 big like from me.


Chile said...

Somebody's got to ask it... Do you get to take home one of those guys for a week, too? You know, to do the repair work you're borrowing the tool for? ;-)

Condo Blues said...

Thank you so much for the link! I thought our tool lending library closed due to budget cuts but it's still here - yay!