Sunday, January 2, 2011

Social Network Gardening

First post of 2011 finds me sitting here wishing I could be outside in the garden- but seeing is the ground is a frozen mass and hard like rock, other than turn the compost I am settling down the plethora of seed catalogs and reading and planning, but that too is boring me to tears. Seeing as I garden small, I have decided this year to forego the usual seed starting (now don't get me wrong- I am still starting seeds) thanks to the popularity of heirloom varieties now found in the nurseries, certain plants are going to come from their stock. This allows me to avoid the dissapointment and tears from the past years failures. I will probably still start some varieties I have trouble finding at the nursery like robin and tumbler tomatoes. I can plant those from seed and let them go in the green house. Anyway, I digress from the topic.

I have found over the years, a few "Social Network" resources to get help and ask questions about the garden. Among these are Kitchen Gardeners International and Freedom Gardens. The latter is operated by the DeVraes family out of Pasedena. Both have Special Interest groups to join. And I found another, Gardeners Index, that I just joined that also has a large list of Spwcail Intrest Groups as well.

From my early days of the Interwebs, There are always the old Yahoo Groups like The Square Foot Gardening club group (one I helped launch) and Edible Container Garden group . These yahoo groups are a wealth of information and tricks the gardeners share with each other.

So let it snow and freeze.. I know the weather will warm up and I will get to go outside and fell the soil under my nails once again!!!

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H2 said...

I couldn't agree more, Rob. Once the light changes and the year turns, I want to get my hands in the garden.

But with temps in the 20s and wind chills way below that, I'd probably freeze solid on the roof before I could get my mittens off...