Monday, January 17, 2011

Homemade Nutella and PeaNutella

I love the idea of making my own nutella. I already occasionally make my own peanut butter. So when I found a recipe for making homemade nutella without all the processed sugar in the store bought stuff I had to try it and make a variation.
I found the recipe for Homemade Nutella on Elana's Pantry blog. So easy to do. Luckily, we here in the NW have some great resources for Hazelnuts. I got mine from my mom who bought them, at the Des Moines (WA) Farmers Market then she froze them. I think they are also available through the Eat Local store.
My own variation on this was to substitute peanuts and peanut oil for the hazel nuts and hazel nut oil and follow the rest of the recipe.It turned out alright tasting, just a bit more texture than I would have preferred.But that is easy to solve- a bit more moisture, a bit more grinding in the food processor! And home made Nutella is just the thing for Sunny Anderson's Fake Crepes!

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DK said...

I read this and practically skipped into the kitchen to make a batch. I used granulated peanuts (bought at GFS months ago for making granolas and still have LOTS leftover), honey, olive oil (only oil in the house right now), and dark cocoa powder. I think I killed my food processor making it, but it's awesome! Also, I was the third owner of this particular food processor so it's had a long, full life. Thanks for the idea and links!