Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunny's Fake Crepes

Sunny Anderson is one of the new Chefs on the Food Network. A former Caterer, radio DJ and a great cook I like her because she makes simple dishes that are easy to make. One in particular, "Fake Crepes" is one of those dishes. Now Rob loves his crepes. And Rob cannot make crepes. Why? Rob, who has almost every kitchen gadget and pan known in the free world does not have a crepe maker. Or a crepe pan. But thanks to Sunny, Rob no longer desires one, because when Rob has a jonesing for some crepes he just follows the fake crepes recipe.
Real simple to make- Whole wheat tortillas,at room temperature, a little butter (3-4 TBSP) melted in a pan, Spread some Nutella on one side of each tortilla, cook in the butter, spread some mini marshmallows on top and some chopped hazelnuts. And then I get adventurous and make substitutions. I like to make pizza crepes (substitute pepperoni and pizza sauce and a little shredded mozzarella for the ingredients in Sunny's recipe), ham and cheese (substitute deli ham cubes and shredded Swiss cheese, with some chopped green onion as a topping garnish) and PB & J crepes (peanut butter and jelly) Tonight I made a Reese's crepe using Nutella and peanut butter. Basically you are making Quesadilla's with out the Queso! Great Idea Sunny!

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Sunny Anderson said...

:-) ... thanks for having the munchies with me! I love to cook, for real and i'm so glad you found something that works! who knew wheat tortillas with a bit of coaxing could taste soooooo good?