Monday, November 22, 2010

Agave Chocolate!!!

I have found it. And it is Good. My Eat Local store now stocks Woodring Agave Chocolate sauce. Chocolate a diabetic can use!!! Better than bitter sugar free Hershey's syrup, I made some fake crepes and used it in place of Nutella. Sniff, at last. You need to warm it first for ice cream, but it is so good. Rich and Fudge-like, great stuff. The gal at Eat Local told me they use it as chocolate syrup for espresso at their Queen Anne store! The Nelson family has been making great preserves, marmalades, chutneys and pickles for 40 years and just recently added their Agave sweet line of Chocolate Sauce , Apple Butter , Marionberry Fruit Spread , Pumpkin Butter And Red Raspberry Fruit Spread All sweetened with agave nectar! They also sell regular sweetened products as well. Read more about Agave Nectar here.
Endorsement Disclaimer- Woodring Northwest did not pay me for this endorsement, and while I would welcome samples I bought my own. I use this product and believe in it.

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