Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Modern Problems

The EPA info on running my garage reefer

Okay so I signed up for a program. Seattle City Light is going to come and take the garage reefer away. I use the reefer for the freezer- just big enough for my household. But I looked at the electric usage for my old reefer- Using the EPA calculator- it costs about $100 TO RUN IT A YEAR! or $8.13 a month

Now look at the energy info on the freezers I am looking at: one 5.0cubic foot model I am looking at cost approx. $26 a year to run( or $2.17 per month), using 240 kWh per year, the other a 7.0 CF model runs about $30 per year to run uses 277kWh of power, The only Energy Star qualified unit I can find in my range is 14.0 cubic foot model and runs $36 a year to run(or $3.00 per month, using 957 kWh of power.

Now of course the energy star model is twice the size of the other two, but do I need to freeze that much food? Then address the factor that two 7.0 cf models would run $60 a year to run, compared with $36 a year for the Energy Star model. The there is the costs of each model the small one (5.0 cf) is $158, the 7.0 cf is $198 and the 14.0 Cf model is $398.

I know someone who has the 5.0 model - my mom. She loves it. And give into the fact that a Chest freezer is more efficient than an upright (Gravity helps keep the door sealed) they are all winners, But I have to look at costs VS. capacity. If the 2 cubic foot freezer on the old reefer was just about right, albeit a bit small, then running the 14.8 cf model would be wasteful. The nice thing about the old reefer was it kept pop cold as well and held my jams and jellies. But food preservation is the main object here- and looking at my needs I think I am leaning towards the 5.0 cf model- more than big enough, doesn’t take up too much room, cheaper to run than my current situation, cheapest price. AAACK modern problems!

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