Thursday, July 16, 2009


Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2009
Ok Ms. Crunchola is at it again. Her timing is impeccable. She picks the time of year when I need to go out and buy a new mattress to put this challenge on. Oh well I can live another month on my old broken down mattress. Screw the economy, we got another challenge on. Maybe someone will put a new tempurpedic on freecycle. Maybe pigs will fly out my butt.


mudnessa said...

I'm sure you have thought of this and your mattress is beyond it but I'll say it anyways. How bout a new mattress topper instead. Like I said you probably thought about that already and I know what it's like to have a mattress that's beyond help. I had one that had springs sticking out and I would get nightly cuts. Good luck with the mattress shopping.

Crunchy Chicken said...

I'm pretty sure I saw the pigs flying over Ballard. They said they'll be home soon.

Robj98168 said...

Mudnessa- The matress is way beyond a topper.

Crunchy- You been visiting the Ballard Ale House Again? Oh thats right that's a beverage!

Chile said...

I vote for a new mattress topper, too. In fact, we just picked one up this weekend. It's 3" thick and made of memory foam so it feels a little like the Tempurpedic products. I'm sleeping much better even though our mattress is aging, too.

And Rob, if pigs fly out of your butt, I'd say you really need to go meat-free a bit more often!