Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birdhouses and Chicken poop- The Weekly Challenge Update

Busy time at Casa Del Rob- the Golden Plum tree is making me work in the hot weather, giving me pounds of fresh plums; Trying to figure out how I can do my artsy thing during the buy nothing challenge; Romeo and Sammy keep me hopping! Well onto the challenges:

1. Plant something: Experimenting with mints in a hanging (topsy turvey ) planter, transplanted some india mustard to the victory garden, planted a lavendar plant there, dug up two pumpkin plants and donated to the Bias to have some pumpkins growing by Halloween/day of the dead, Planted bok choy and corn salad seeds in victory garden, at home started some bok choy plants, some lettuce plants, planted sweet potato slips that I started on window sill(a little late I know but hey they wanted to be planted!)
2. Harvest something: Plum tree is wild with plums, been picking two or three pounds every day. Arugula and mustard greens that where starting to bolt; Bought some pickling cucumbers a garden stand; borage leaves; lettuce; basil, tomatoes
3. Harvest Something From the Victory Garden for the Food bank- Fennel, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, and plums from my tree
4. Preserve something: Canned pickles; froze some basil cubes, made and froze some plum turnovers,
5. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Made a birdhouse from license plates, turn and added chicken manure to compost bin, made some fresh bedding for worm bin
6. Preparation and Storage: Stored the pickles in the pantry, still working on eating last years! Obtain some large terra-cotta planters from thrift store; Bought a fancy sprouter (found on sale at the Grainery- marked down because one tier had two minute cracks - doesn't take away from performance)

7. Build Community Food Systems: Took some plums to the food bank along with the Fennel, leaf lettuce and Swiss Chard grown in the Victory Garden; Did my watering day at the community gardens, Helping to plan a garden party at the community gardens
8. Eat the Food/Cook or eat something new): Made a salad with the mustard greens, arugula, some lettuce, (new)Plum turnovers, Used basil in spaghetti sauce;

Melinda’s Growing Challenge: I have artichokes on my artichoke plant- planted some lettuce and bok choy inside to start plants, still waiting on the broccoli to make a show!

Meat Free Mondays: This Monday I ate some oatmeal for breakfast with toast and homemade raspberry jam; At lunch My mom prepared a BBQ sandwich with TVP BBQ Beef; and fresh fruit,(gotta hand it to Ma- she really takes this Meat Free Monday thing serious- Thanks Ma!); for dinner I had a Brioche Roll with peanut butter and jam, and some rye-krisp crackers with pub cheese. And plums- I had plums! Lots of plums and tomatoes

A look at some of Romeo's Puppy Bling

Prepping For Crunchys Dont buy nothing challenge starting in August- Bought some metal working tools, Bought Romeo a stainless steel Water Bottle that I could hang from his leash, bought a fancy sprouter (found on sale at the grainery- marked down because one tier had two cracks - doesn't take away from performance)

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