Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just a rambling post

Just goofing around on my day off.
Remember the Fondue I made a few days back? Well half of it was left over so I reheated it, added about a cup of milk and some broccoli- Instant Cheese soup. Wasn't too bad, I have had better.

Took down my mom's lights and Installed her GPS system I gave her in her car. Then I installed the one she gave me in the truck. Like having a wife direct me to wherever!

Took all the boughs down, removed the wire holding them together and put them in the yardwaste bin. Took a bunch of stuff from mom's deck and put it in the compost bin. Also put a bag of used grounds form the starbucks and put them in the compost bin.

Checked the worm bin- everyone is alive and squiggling, so I guess they survived the cold. Gave them a rotten apple.

Started getting ready to order my apple trees and such from Raintree. Got too late to call so will do that tomorrow.

Went and looked at some puppies at the local pet store- I cannot justify buying a puppy when so many at the shelters need homes.

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Abbie said...

I saw an episode of Oprah on puppy mills... I cried throughout the whole thing and vowed to only get rescue dogs from now on.