Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goddam snow!

Well it was bound to happen.... it fricking snowed. Which is not a good thing in Seattle. People out here, due to the lack of the white stuff, cannot drive in it. And they should not drive in it. But this street where I work is in line with Southcenter. A huge damn shopping center. Where hundreds of folks were on the road today to go shopping. At Christmas. They get on the freeway, all scared and white knuckled on their way to get to Toys R Us or Macy's or JC Penney or Sears.
And when it snows, my job changes from plumber to Snow removal. At least I get to drive a Big old diesel Bobcat especially outfitted for snow removal. Or I run a Snow Blower, which I fear, as my uncle Russ had a heart attack and died while running a snow blower. Irrational, but it works for me.
Then I get home where it snowed twice what is in the picture, let the dogs out. Topaz acts like a puppy, Spike- well let's put it this way - sinks up to his, ....err... privates. Makes it hard to go potty. I had a pic but my camera phone didn't take it well. And sammy cat snuck out the front door, stopped, and did a 180 back into the house. Sammy hates the snow. Cant say that I blame him.


Abbie said...

Oh don't be such a grouch!!!

I have a snow day today :P

Robj98168 said...

I wouldn't be grouchy if I had a snow day. But no It snows and I go in. Grumble. This is BS. I hired on to what I thought was a cushy indoors job. Not one where I get frost bitten.

Fleecenik Farm said...

Yup, We had Ice storm last week. Nor'easter tomorrow. We might get 14 inches. Gonna be a little hard to get to the Solstice party tomorrow. But will not be denied my wassail. ;)

So how much did you get?

Chile said...

I had a job way back when that was up a steep road in the mountains. I'd have to call in "snow" and then call the county to come plow the road. Once there, I had to shovel walks, steps, and bridges. So...I totally relate to your grouchiness!

OTOH, it does look pretty.