Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to elect a republican president

Hillary and Barack. Get it together folks! I was listening to AM 1090 tonight in the van between jobs at work- they were talking if you are for Hillary, what are your current feelings about Obama, and if you are for Obama, what are your current feelings about Hillary. I was amazed how many people were saying IF Hillary gets the nomination then I am not voting for president OR if Obama gets the nomination I am not voting for president. Goddammit people, it is time to wisen up! This just plays into BushIII's (McCain) hands. Not voting is what the old man wants. That and to carry out Dubya's mission. Buy not voting you are placing a vote in the McCain camp. And if you want 4 more years of war, (of course McCain wants 100), Bad econimic policy, More of the don't tax and spend republicans. Then don't vote. Your concsience should be good cause you didn't vote for the mother fucker. Of course you will be wondering how the hell he got elected... but it wasn't your fault. Democrats have the greatest ability of snagging defeat out of the jaws of Victory. This is one reason why. I say if you don't vote then move your ass to France! And to Hillary and Barack- it is time to start finding some common good and get it together to beat BushIII!

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