Tuesday, March 11, 2008


How is that for a title? I was out having a pre-work smoke when someone, a complete stranger,was going to their parked car and stopped and said "You know those things will kill you". Thank you very much for your concern asshole- Did you know that your bitching about my smoking may be hazardous to your health! I mean, when did we become a police state about smoking? I mean you cannot smoke a cigarette in a bar in this state, and then the state is talking about making it illegal to smoke when driving with children in the car. I know it seems like a good idea but really when is enough enough? My own company is starting a non-smoking policy, saying you cannot smoke on company property, which includes YOUR personal vehicle, while it is on company grounds. I wish these companies would learn The insurance companies are NEVER GOING TO LOWER YOUR RATES- they are like the oil companies- once the get the price to a certain level it is going to stay there. Sorry didn't mean to get on a rant.


Papa Jim said...

Haha, what did they expect? "Oh no way! really? thanks. I will stop right away." Idiot. I don't smoke, but as long as you're not blowing it in my face, feel free to puff away. That's how I look at it. We're all risk-assessing adults here. And here in LA? No smoking in bars. I think that's a stupid rule. Drinking and smoking go hand in hand. If you don't want to breath it, don't work in a bar. Problem solved.
- BusyDad @ busydadblog.com

Robj98168 said...

We have the no smoking in bars and restaurants rule here too papa jim - and I agree it is stupid- I don't drink, but have always enjoyed going into a lounge to eat dinner and have a smoke- and they say it is affecting the bars and restaurants up here. The promoters of the iniative here said we are endangering workers in the bars health. As I work over these stupid tanklines doing god knows what to my body, but christ- I cant have a camel!!!