Friday, March 7, 2008


No the answer isn't what did Nancy Kerrigan say after Tonya had her knee whacked. I have recieved a few emails asking why do I hack? Well it's like this-1- I prefer to hack rather than buy new2- it's called a "hobby"3- saves money4- is earth friendly- (especially when I go Dumpster diving for something cool)5- I get the furniture or item I want6- Don't ask dumb questions! I read some good blogs today, No Impact man, Loving green, Crunchy Chicken,Ants-On-A-FarmGot some stich witchery at JoAnns Fabrics today. I love going in there on my lunch break. All the ladies there look at me like I am a mad rapist. And god forbid if I ask for information "Do y'all have classes on how to thread the bobbin on the sewing machine? What Brand? Sears Kenmore- we only sell Viking. LOL LOL My 8th grade home ec teacher would be so mad at me for forgetting how to thread a bobbin. Oh well I am a guy. I did sew my own slipcovers for my 66 Plymouth!

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