Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seed Cups

For today's DIY/2nd Time/Trash to treasure post, I put up something you can easily do with your kids. It may seem juvenile, but hey, that's the idea! All it takes is a Small cup or yogurt container, and old bottle, some growing medium (peat or coco noir) and a sunny window ledge, and some seeds- I suggest pumpkin or sunflower- easier for little hands to manage, In my home version I used bok choy and chard.
The store bought version of Ferry Morse's Seed Cup

I was in Lowes and saw these Ferry-Morse Kid's Cups; a single mini green house that comes with three or four seeds, a jiffy pot and a peat pellet in a dixie cup. I have no doubt that you could make these at home, but I yielded into temptation and bought a couple of kid's cups.
But I felt immense guilt upon coming home. So I put a creative freak on and came up with my own! I just took a dixie cup, filled it with Coco Noir (I personally try to stay away from peat as much as possible, cut the top of a discarded water bottle to make a "dome". In another one I used a plastic condiment cup for the dome that some corn salsa came in.

My home DIY version Seed Cups.

This one has a dome cut off a water bottle, I used a second Dixie cup to catch the water.

The lid from the condiment container became a drip pan for the bottom of the cup.

I would think yogurt containers would work great for these, as would juice box cups and milk cups. I suppose you could decorate the cups, I found the floral motiff good enough. And I will see which does better- the plants grown from the Store bought "Seed Cups" or the Home made version that is made from discarded materials.

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