Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grant and Max and the Global Buckets!

In there own words, how the global buckets work:

Remember the post I wrote a few days ago on teaching Kids to garden? Well how about the kids teaching old Rob a thing or two? And these two guys got it going on!
Grant and Max Buster are two high school students. They have taken the Self Watering Planter (SWP) to the next level. They even invented an automated watering system. And they had a vision and a purpose- Teach people how to grow food!And re-use materials doing it! Here is their story in their own words:

"It started when our dad bought an EarthBox® planter. We read in the sales materials that the United Nations was using Earthbox® planters to teach people in developing nations an excellent way to grow food. This sounded like a great project, but we thought it would make more sense using locally sourced free or low cost recycled materials. That's what got us started.Also, watering Global Buckets by hand become a BIG pain everyday so we explored ideas on how to automate the watering job using atmospheric pressure. Our system works great! This entire summer we only spent about 20 minutes dealing with water. Previously, we spent about 10 minutes a day. Using some engineering and physics to create wonderful efficiencies was the most rewarding part of the project."

Visit their site to see whats new in the world of homemade SWP's. And here are some great vid's to look at, that explain their Global Buckets campaign. More proof you never are too old too learn new things. Even by those who are much younger.

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