Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Me??? You shouldn't have...(But Glad you did)

Condo Blues awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award as part of her Blog-iversary celebration.
An award??? For Me????
You Like me Snfff, You really like me!I want to thank the academy, my mom and dad, and all the little people that help get me here. And of course Romeo. (Sorry about the Sally Field channeling)

Here are the rules:
* Thank the person who gave you the award
* Place the logo on your blog
* Link to the person who nominated you
* Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
* Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and post links to their blogs
* Send a message to let them know they've been nominated

Thanks to Condo Blues for naming me a Kreativ Blogger. At least it wasn't a Kreativ Bugger. Although I have been called worse.

7 Things about me people might find interesting
1- I have adopted over 8 dogs and cats over the past 25 or so years. The good thing is I feel I have taken them out of bad situations, the downside, is they are often older animals and not with me for as long as I would choose
2- I have a thing for older cars and scooters. I own a 1979 MGB roadster, and a 1966 Plymouth Valiant Sedan as well as a 1967 Vespa that I am seriously condsidering converting to electric
3- I started cooking on my own at the ripe age of 4. I always knew what hot was (see below) or at least since 2!
4- I have scars! I have a big on on my fore head(The result of an auto accident when I wads 4 or 5 in my dads 49 Plymouth Coupe) and good size one on my bottom lip (The result of climbing on a hot open oven door when I was around 2) Both have faded- but I can still feel the lip scar when I run my tounge over my bottom lip!
5- I also have a tattoo! I have the mariners logo tatooed on my left bicep! I may get another tattoo on my butt!
6- I first got politically active at a young age and volunteered on Paul Simon's presidential run in 88. Of course he faded way early which is what happens to most candidates I support. I was for Hilary in 2008 as well.
7 I once dressed in drag for a costume party. It never became a habit. I make one ugly woman. I scared small children. And dogs. And a female friend of mine was quite insulted- we where both wearing the same shoes! Anyway all went well until Zorro popped my boobs.

And 7 Bloggers to nominate for this award:
1. Tiny Old House- cause you gotta love anyone who buys old doors and fixes them up for their abode
2. One Green Generation- For posting "For Ladies Only" in the title of her post about greening up menstruation
3. Fleecenik Farms- For kreativ knitting
4. Cold Antler Farm- for keeping us on pins and needles over her farm situation
5. The Farmer's Daughter for making great pies!!
6. Out of Office- not sure if they will accept the award or not, but, kreativity, they got it.
7. Ikea Hacker- a place where creative Ikea hackers meet. Love the originality


Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks, Rob! I'm actually missing pies lately, it's been a while... I'm planning to make and post a new recipe this weekend :)

Farmer's Daughter said...

PS- I've given you an award because you brighten my day! Come on over and check it out :)

Melinda said...

Aw, shucks - thanks Rob!!