Sunday, February 14, 2010

Easy Up? Greenhouses and cooking school- The Weekly Challenge Update

Putting up the Greenhouse Well it finally got nice enough outside (read No Rain!) to put up my green house, from Easy "Pop Up Assembly" my ass, although it wasn't that hard to set up after you figure out the instructions, which I did glance at - last night. Instructions??? I don't need no stinkin' instructions. It went up like IKEA furniture, whose instruction sheets are a language all their own. Now to decide where to put the shelves. The Shelves? I am going to reuse some shelving in the scooter shed. And I need to find some big squares of cardboard to put down as a floor. Then gravel over it. And hopefully this week start some seeds!Also this week I signed up for a class on cooking borscht two ways (I love borscht- and this would also allow me to learn to make it- new use for beets. And I will find out if you can freeze it as well though I don't see why not)
Sharon's Independence Days Challenge: Year 3, week 5

1. Plant something: Nope

2. Harvest something: Sprouts

3. Preserve something: Saved some bread for bread pudding

4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Going to reuse some shelving in the "Scooter shed" in the greenhouse!

5. Preparation and Storage: Set up the greenhouse.

6. Build Community Food Systems: Signed up for a class on cooking Borscht!

7. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Pickles, Pickled onions, pickled tomatoes
Freeze Your Buns off challenge- No changes this week.

One Small Change- Started sealing the outlets and Light switches on the exterior walls-

Food waste reduction challenge- No changes- ate some pizza the next day for lunch at work, Find that I think ahead before cooking supper- as in "What can I make that I can eat leftovers the next day" type of thing.

The Growing Challenge (Extreme Evangelist Edition)
- Set up my greenhouse… now to start those seeds!

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