Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crunchy's food waste Challenge and Giant Cabbage

Food Waste Reduction Challenge - February 2010 Well that time of year to go another round with Ms. Crunchy, that star of stage, screen and computer monitors everywhere and her Food Waste Reduction Challenge. So far it has started off pretty good. I was able to get rid of some beer been here since my birthday almost a year ago after reading Red Icculus blog and he had made some brats in beer with onions, black pepper, and brats. Then I went further and made some Curried Carrot and Apple soup, and used the leftover beer/onion mixture in that.

Also I read in Marie's Gardening Blog about how to raise future gardeners. The one that caught my eye was Bonnie Plants Annual Third Grade Cabbage Growing Program To quote Marie on it:

"Participating 3rd graders will receive a free Bonnie O.S. Cross cabbage to plant
grow and nurture. These are big cabbages that can get up to 50 pounds, so
there's an air of excitement for a small kid growing one of these. At the end of
the season, schools select the best cabbage, based on size and appearance. That
student's name is then included in a statewide drawing. Each state's winner is
chosen in a random drawing , by the Commission of Agriculture. The winners get a
$1,000 scholarship to put toward their education. Last year, 1.5 million
students participated in 45 states. That's Ohio State Winner, Dakota Gurney,
with his champion cabbage. I sure hope Dakota likes cabbage".
Gets me thinking... Hey! I got a school down the street... maybe I need to go talk to the third grade teachers about getting involved with this. Or maybe not. Not that I am shy. But I cannot stand sitting in those little chairs! We'll see what the week brings!


Chile said...

That's enough cabbage to make cabbage soup or sauerkraut for the whole school! In fact, I think making sauerkraut with it would be a great way to continue the lesson as the children would learn that fermentation isn't just used for alcohol.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Rob,
This may be the perfect time for such a proposal to the school. Especially since Michelle Obama promotes teaching children about healthy and organic food!
I think it would be fun!

Red Icculus said...

Thanks for the link!

Could I get the recipe for curried carrot and apple soup? Sounds delicious!