Friday, February 26, 2010

Ever had one of those days???

Just to let Chile know she is not the only one who gets strange injuries, I gotta tell you all about my day. I got a glass shard in my foot Sunday. Try as I could, I could not get ahold of it to remove it. So Monday I had to call the podiatrist, Hoping for an appointment. They could not get me in until today. So, the regular podiatrist is not in. He is in Mexico taking shoes to the poor, and treating folks down there. Not an un-noble cause. So i get this young pup of a doctor. Looked like he just came out of podiatry school. He took X-Rays, found the shard, and proceeded to cut into my foot and remove it. Very good young doctor, he had me in and out in about an hour. He wrote me two prescriptions. And boy let me tell you, by the time I got to work my foot was killing me. Luckily I took the Ibuprofen 800 Mg. I was feeling pretty good, and got through the night.
One of my jobs at work tonight was to try and replace a washer in a leaky shower valve in the Women's shower. Unfortunately, that particular shower has bad shut offs, so I had to shut the water mains off. We put a sign up on Tuesday that the showers would be closed due to no water. Sure as shit I went in to shut the water off, there were two guys working out. One of them had the nerve to say to me he was sick and tired of maintenance always shutting off the water when he was using the fitness center. Well really I am sorry... sorry we put signs up in the fitness center that said we would shut down the showers for 2 hours and he apparently didn't see them before today. Then this dumb ass has the nerve to say to me "Apparently you don't know who I am ... I am Mr. So and so, And I work very closely with the company CEO." Well I said to him,"Apparently you don't know who I am- I am the guy who knows where the main water valves are and can shut the damn showers down right in the middle of your shower should I see fit. Needless to say I won that argument. Finished the job in less than 1/2 hour. If dumb ass would have spent more time working his tired old poop body out instead of bothering a working guy he would have never known the showers were down. Asshole.

Mom and my uncle celebrating old age.

Oh, BTW while I am ranting and raving, let me take a moment to say Happy Birthday to my Mom.Wow. 78!!! God ain't that old. I would show you what I got for her, but we aren't exchangin presents until Sunday. And I thought that would be a good post for trashy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Rob, I just had to come out of lurkdom to let you know you received a round of applause in my house for your handling of Mr. So and So!!!

Chile said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear you had to have minor surgery to remove the glass.

Good for you for reminding Mr. So & So that ya shouldn't tromple on the "help". It amazes me when I encounter this attitude. Hello? You wanna do the grunt work? No? Then quit yer bitchin'!

Anonymous said...

We need you in hoppin' gardening shape, Rob, and glad you crossed path with one savvy young pupparoo of a foot doctor to get you back...on your dancing feet!

Someone who doesn't know the value of a hard working plumbing expert is a lost, self-centered cause. A yurk! I mean, a real yurk.

Happy Birthday to your lovely Mom, in the good company of family (and a cookie tin filled to the brim, I seem to notice, and I must be feeling deprived in a big way because I'm also thinking....bloody marys??!!)

Cheers to all!