Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Simple Seasonal Art

Framing the gift box lid gives it a more "art worthy" look, I think.

Time for one last art project. Sometimes, simple ideas make the best art. I love this picture- seeing as it has two of my favorite things- Penguins and Vespa Scooters! This was actually the lid from a gift box that I have had for many years! I went to Ikea and bought a "Ribba" Frame that already had the mat in it for $14.99- Then I cut the pic to fit and now I have a piece of seasonal art that I can keep and hang for years! This could probably be done with childrens art pictures or greeting cards as well.
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Condo Blues said...

I like penguins and Vespas and Ikea too - a triple win!

I wouldn't have any idea that the photo was an old box lid. It looks like a professional print.