Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Firestarter Logs

Ever wonder what to do with some of your household items that collect. Here's a gift you (Or your Kids) can make that costs nothing. FireStarter Logs- the perfect gift for someone who has a fireplace or goes camping... All you need is some common trash to make them! Dryer lint is highly flammable, which is why your dryer should always be vented to the outside, and you should remove lint from the lint trap regularly.
I made 6 of these Firestarter log's in about 10 minutes. They look like Christmas Crackers!
To Start: you need some empty Toilet Paper Rolls, Some Tissue paper (or News print), Some string or Jute Twine, and of course the laundry lint. Great opportunity to clean the lint trap of your dryer!!!
Cut the tissue paper or news print about 2 inches larger on each side of the TP roll
Stuff the TP Roll with the dryer lint.
Roll up the stuffed TP roll in the paper
Tie the ends of with string

There you are done making a Firestarter log. Just place under the kindling and light! Should stay lit long enough to start a Beautiful Fire. Just remember to extinguish on Christmas Eve - You don't want to burn Santa's Butt!

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Jeanne said...

A great idea for my fireplace owning friends. They are expensive to buy. I love this.
Hugs, Jeanne

Condo Blues said...

Great idea! Now if I can only find the fire ring underneath all the snow..

DANA said...

You were featured today at Saturday Mornings!

Amanda said...

love it! Who doesn't love free gifts?


Nikki said...

That is a FANTASTIC idea!!!!! Thanks for linking it up!!!

Simply Green said...

I have seen just putting the lint into toilet paper tubes, but wrapping it up like a Christmas cracker is just too festive and fantastic. I wish I had enough dryer lint, :D