Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Meme!

A friend sent me this meme- And all I can say is TAG! YOUR IT!

What the most unusual thing you left out for a snack for Santa as a child?
Pickled Herring and Triscuits

Do you remember when or how you found out about Santa?
Yes. I asked my mom to read me a book that Santa brought and she said “I didn’t buy that book so I could read it to you. Which I replied- “Santa brought me this book!” Mom tried to fix it but too late- Cat was out of the bag!

What was the best present you ever got- Hmmm. I suppose it was a Daisy BB Gun. I had been taking NRA rifle lessons at summer camp and fell in love with those bb guns. Apparently no one was worried about me shooting my eye out! And no my dad didn’t have a leg lamp (it was a very major award!)

Fake trees or real trees growing up? Mostly Fake- I remember the aluminum tree my grandparents had- (all us kids like the rotating spot light). I have one today- no spotlight but man the tree shimmers!

What’s your favorite Christmas Cookie as a kid?- I really never had one as my Mom didn’t make cookies that much ( I was well over 21 before I first tasted a snickerdoodle!)-She did make Chocolate Caramels and Chex Mix every year (still does) but I suppose I would go with Krum Kake.

The Rules- Copy this meme and post it with Your answers of course.
Enjoy your holidays!

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