Monday, December 6, 2010

One Small Change: How I get my prescriptions

One thing about old age... It comes with prescriptions. One problem I had was the #5 Prescription bottles. They are not recyclable, the pharmacy doesn't take them back. There is the "Gimme 5" program at whole foods, but they don't offer that out here. Then one day my prescription insurer called and offered to put me on mail order prescriptions! It saves me some money and saves them so sure I can go with that When they came I got another surprise... The bottles are #2 HDPE. And that is available for recycling in my garbage pick up! So that is my small change for this month... not much to do, but a small change just the same!


cheap like me said...

That's a nice bonus - cheaper & greener!

Simply Green said...

Gotta love that, especially if you have regular prescriptions!