Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY Topsy Turvey Planters

I think those topsy turvy tomato planters are so cool. When my friend, Cheap Vegetable Gardener came up with a cheap way to make them, I had to do it. And theses are how I made out. Made out of trash and duct tape, they actually work pretty good in our climate. I have also used then for herb planters. CVG has since changed how he makes these

And this year, I am going to try these:

Photo: Ikeahacker

I have a small confession: I did not make these topsy turvy pots- yet. Why? It is not tomato season in Seattle. I did, however, buy the stuff to make them. So I am ready to go on this. These neat Topey Turvy pots were made by "Ninjarita", in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who likes to make use of Ikea in her garden. She makes inexpensive Topsy Turvey type planters, and uses Ikea wastebaskets and storage containers for planters. Take a peak of her Ikea inspired garden. There are instructions there as well. Really cool especially if you find what you need in the Ikea As Is section. There you are buying used and keeping it from the waste stream.
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rita jean said...

That's so cool!!!! I tried something similar once, but it didn't look near as colorful as either of these! I might have to copy these ideas for this year! :)