Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Keep your machine clean!

The recent nice weather got to me. I pulled out the MG and boy it needed a wash. I figure it takes about 15 gallons to wash the little convertible.

I started wondering how could a person do this greener?

One way is to take it to a car wash. With my apologies to car wash attendants, I am not about to let those neanderthals touch my baby.

Another way is to wash it on the lawn. That way the water doesnt just go down the drain. I usually once a year wash it using a Mr. Clean Auto Dry Car Washer. I found this is the greenest way to wash my car as I don't seem to use as much water.

Now- that I have cleaned my car, how do I keep it clean the rest of the year? One is to use a waterless car cleaner. These are fairly easy to use - spray on, wipe off. One such product I have tried is Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash. And these products are popular with car guys. I see a myriad of waterless cleaners used at car shows: Dri-wash, Meguiars EZ Clean Spray & Rinse (okay- technically that is a motorcycle cleaner but it works on cars too), Meguiars Detailing spray are all products I have used. Meguiars detailing spray comes away with the best shine, but your car should be clean first. There are others out there and many folks do comparisons. The other way to keep a car looking good is not to wash it! But remember to garage it, and keep a car cover on it. But it gets dusty you say- I say time to use that California Car duster that you got for christmas out and dust off that car. Or you could do like me , garage your car with a car cover on it and dust it off every time you take it out!


The advantage to taking your car to a car wash is the same as taking a car to a lube shop. Because of state and local regulations, the car wash is more likely to have installed oil seperators, and filters before your wash waste is sent to sewage city.

The advantage to using a waterless cleaner is the only water involved is the small amount in the cleaner. And this is a good choice to use if you are anal about your cars appearance and want to clean your car often (please note I am not anal- just that the group I hang out with is. Keeping up with the Jones' so to speak)

The advantage to never washing your car (wearing the "Wash Me' tag proudly) is no water or chemicals down the drain at all, also encourages social interaction as kids gather around to write messages on your windows!


Verde said...

Oh dear, you've hit my guilty spot. I washed the car yesterday all the while watching the water run down the drain. Dang, but it was dirty.

Anonymous said...

My husband had my car washed and the interior shampooed at one of those detailing places as an Easter present. (That was the week, a milk jug burst in the trunk on the drive home from the grocery store and about a year after littlest child threw up all over the backseat). I think that was the first time it had been washed since my Dad sold it to me in 2002. With too small children, washing the cars is at the bottom of the priority list.