Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekly Challenge Update

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Year 3, weeks 39, 40
1. Plant something: Planted some greens and chard seeds
2. Harvest something: some carrots
3. Preserve something: nope
4. Waste Not: One of my fellow gardeners gave me dome cilantro seeds as she was clearing out her plot
5: Want not: Ordered some much needed boots for winter, Received the Kindle I ordered from Amazon
6. Preparation and Storage: Checked out my Crank/Solar/Battery Radio, and got my emergency supplies together (propane heater, food supplies etc) in case of power outage, made sure the generator would start; still working on the shed
7. Build Community Food Systems: Donated some canned goods and pet food to local food drives
8. Eat the food (cook something new): Carrot Apple soup using some of my carrots

Growing Challenge Extreme Evangelist Edition- just planted some garlic, greens and chard seeds

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