Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Small Change- Kitty Litter refuse

Another friendlier option for a waste problem
Well time for another small change! This time is more a way I do something which I hate- cleaning Sammy's litter box. The garbage pick up want's me to bag the kitty litter which is messy and a pain. But while I was cleaning up yard waste it came to me... why not use a yard waste bag? They stand up, and hold up long enough to get Sammy's spent pine pellets into the bag. Then I simply fold over the top and discard. Everyone is happy... the garbage man doesn't get bombarded with used litter and poop, I get an easy way to rid myself of said litter, and Sammy gets a clean comode. No plastic bag.

1 comment:

Simply Green said...

Good idea! Let me know what the garbage man says :)