Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review: MAD CITY CHICKENS the movie!

I wanted to put on a viewing of the movie Mad City Chickens, only to find out it would cost about $200. None of my groups would cover the expense, not that they could. So my options where left to order the movie on CD. or go with out. Temptation... temptation...

I recently succumbed to temptation and ordered MAD CITY CHICKENS, a documentary on the struggle or rather fight for the citizens if Madison, Wisconson to keep back yard chickens. This movie is a must see for any one who evered desires to keep a few birds (Here in Seattle and outlying cities you may keep 3 hens) Included in this movie are the featherless chicken who was found at the dump, rescued and given a new home, and a family on their first attempt at keeping chickens. Very good movie, very informative. Very worth the money to buy. or the hassle of putting on a showing. Here is a clip from the movie:

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