Monday, February 21, 2011

Urban Homesteading- My 2 pennies

Okay, up until now I have kept my big mouth shut about the Urban Homesteading Trademark debacle. You might have read about this on Ms. Chicken's Blog, but seeing as it is Urban Homesteaders Action Day , I thought I would join in the fray. Just a reminder, these are my own opinions and considering I am way too quick to snap to judgement, and drink way too much coffee, take out of them what you will.

First off, I must tell you, I don't think I qualify as an Urban Homesteader®. I am not into living like the Ingalls. I like my modern conveniences. I do however, grow some of my own food. And I can food. And dehydrate food. And freeze it. If that makes me a "Steader" so be it.

Secondly, I am sorry, to a certain family, living in Pasedena, CA., but the fact you call one of your websites "Freedom Gardens ®" (and one in which I used to be proud to be called a member) then you trademark common terms? Sounds a bit like Monsanto and their patented Genetically Modified Seed stock. You apparently do not realize that you are alienating the very people who looked up to you. And came to your website for advice. Or maybe you just don't give a rats ass. My great grandparents were actual Homesteaders® . They lived in sod huts and drank warm cows milk and grew their own food. Long before your so-called "Institute" existed.

So excuse me now if I say That I am an Urban Homesteader® .... I come from a long line of them!

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