Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just about at the end of my rope

I don't know why everyone seems to think I am their new chew toy. Tonight I let a group of folks I know from Burien in near last call to have a celebratory drink,, a group of folks that booked an event tomorrow that coul.d mean $$$ at the bar, at a time when we really need it, and the bartender is all pissed and huffy at me because I did. IN MY DEFENSE:
1- I am thinking a group of folks who are responsible for giving us a major coup, business wise, want to have a drink, who am I to say no?
2-A group of folks that may give us one of the biggest Tuesdays in a long time, just tell them no?
3-I don't know why I feel I need to explain myself. Read the LLC Agreement. Cloud and Rob owners.Maybe I should have given the Bartender a heads up that the group was coming in, but they just turned the corner of the street an literally surprised me. This is the second time I have been made to really feel like shit, and I am getting really tired of it.
4- I am an owner. I don't feel the need to explain myself everytime I turn around. I will always vote for business. for that I don't need a defense. Fuck you if you disagree.
It makes me laugh after something like this happens though. Nobody complains about getting tipped. Nobody complains about making money. The consensus is they may have to stay a half hour longer, and that just fucks their shit up.
I don't see these same people complain, when I have to make rent or pay bills, or LCB (Liquor Control Board) fines assessed because of their dumb actions, or trying to make the payroll so everybody gets paid. I don't see any of these fools at 7:30 in the morning when I am sweeping, mopping, or trying to fix leaks and shit. They are so overworked? not one of my employees works more than 30 hours a week. I don't remember a 30 hour week. But I am just being rude and disrespectful. Well I say fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
I don't like to rant, but jesus H. Christ people, I am tired, over worked and stressed beyond belief. There is a thing as you want respect, you effen EARN it. and maybe give some back once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

It's your business. I would give one warning and then fire anyone that worked for me that had that attitude. You have a family to feed and payroll to make.

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