Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The world got you down??? Cheer up!

Arduous is feeling a little down. She wants folks to give her some good Eco-news. Well let's see if we can help out with not one, not three but four reasons things could be looking up....

Today I went shopping at Trader Joe's and needed some new bags. I found the greatest bags at TJ's - Made out of 100% post consumer waste; They were called "Trader Joe's I used to be a plastic bottle Reusable Grocery bag" Best title for a grocery bag I have seen in a long time. I love buying things that are made out of garbage!

I started sprouting again. Not wings- but sprouts I started some radish sprouts on sunday and some lentils tomorrow. Not necessarily news but it is something.

Honda and Toyota are starting a hybrid car war. The fact that two auto builders are building hybrids at all is news and the fact they are ready to go all out on the offensive to sell them is good news. Better than "what's their latest SUV???"

The U.S. finally has a president that seems to get the Eco thing. And he is for "green Jobs" That's the best news in a long time.

Arduous, No one said Rome was built in a day, and people don't learn to walk in a day- but rather by baby-steps, one foot in front of the other- so when the news gets you down, try and look at the positive. Now enough of my Pollyanna-ism- I checked my worm bin today- shoulda took those little buggers in before the cold weather started-It was mass worm-icide! I now have a bin of frozen worm meat and No Chile I am not gonna eat them. I will bury them in the main composter and start over. That is the beauty of life, Arduous- you get to try things again and again until they are right!


Fleecenik Farm said...

Hey, I just heard about the layoffs at Boeing. Are you okay?

Farmer's Daughter said...

I bought "eco-yarn" the other day by accident. I just liked how it felt and liked the color. When I got home, I read on the label that it was made out of recycled water bottles.

Robj98168 said...

Fleecnik- Een though my department got hit heavy I fortunately have been there lon genough to escape the layoffs

FD- I know the fabric on the shopping bsgd id whit and they use clear water bottles to avoid bleaching them! I am thinking it could be used as a fabric for jackets, awnings, canopies

Frenchee le Trip said...

What a great blog! Since I am away from California and the US it is so heartening to see Green blooming over there via your blog! Thanks for your comment and remember to make someone a plastic bag bow some time. :)